BS in Biotechnology is designed to equip the students with the updated and practical knowledge of this multidisciplinary and emerging field. Biotechnology is the application of scientific and engineering principals to the processing of material by biological agents to deliver goods and services. Biotechnology involves a number of technologies centered upon growing understanding of biology at the cellular and molecular level. Biotechnological applications play an important role in health industry, agriculture and environment and are helpful in making life of human beings peaceful and comfortable. The aim of BS in Biotechnology is to develop indigenous manpower experts in Biotechnology that will help the industry of biotechnology by making novel achievements. The students may seek their career in educational institutes, scientific research and development, management in biotechnology and pharmaceutical sector.

Program Objectives

  • To enable students to use laboratory techniques in scientific research.
  • To enable students to use the scientific methodologies for designing experimental studies and critically analyze the results.
  • To equip students with legal and ethical moral values while performing research in various biotechnology/ molecular biology sectors.

Admission Eligibility Criteria

Intermediate with Pre-Medical (equivalent to 12 years of education) with at least 45% marks.