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It is the senior-most position in the department, earning the highest average base salary of $230,801 per year. According to an analysis of data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics conducted by Peninsula Press, cyber security job postings are up 74 percent.

The following table includes the highest and the lowest paying cities for cyber security individuals in the US. Besides industry experience and advanced certifications, the best way to increase a cybersecurity salary is to complete a master’s degree program. While there are alternative pay schedules for federal workers, about 70 percent of the civil service positions fall under the GS system. This is especially true for employees in professional, technical, administrative, or clerical jobs. The grade level and step assigned to a position determine the pay for that job. Unlike private companies that often need employees only at specific locations, the federal government has job openings in every state and many foreign countries. Like Coursera, mentioned above, edX is an online learning platform that offers courses from leading universities from around the world.

Mid-Level Roles

Average salary estimates also depend on the size of the organization and how profitable it is. In theory, a great option would be to find a job in a relatively small company that has considerable revenue. Your cybersecurity salary would most likely be higher than the industry average. While how to become a security specialist you may require a bachelor’s degree to apply for an entry-level position in the IT security sector, you shouldn’t worry too much about obtaining a master’s degree. Only 23% of tech employees with a master’s degree or higher believe their advanced degrees helped them reach higher salaries.

how much does a cyber security specialist make

There are plenty of options for professionals who want to pursue a career in cyber security. Taking a preemptive approach is invaluable for a network security engineer or security consultant, so they can anticipate risks and successfully deploy measures to safeguard systems and networks. A cyber security analyst must be able to study computer systems and networks to assess key risks and gauge how they can improve policies and protocols. $140,820 is the average annual salary for cyber security architects who work with computer networks. For a career as a security specialist, you often need at least a bachelor’s degree in a computer science-related field.

How to Become an Information Security Analyst

Combine this upward growth in the industry with thezero percent unemployment rate, and the result is a white-hot job market that featuressix-figure salaries. Cybersecurity specialists are essential to any company that deals with sensitive data, as they are responsible for protecting that data from hackers and other threats. By understanding the latest hacking techniques and trends, cybersecurity specialists can help businesses stay one step ahead of the competition. The employment of cyber security specialists is expected to grow much faster than average over the next decade. Cyber security specialists’ salaries vary depending on their level of education, years of experience, and the company size and location. Information security analysts typically need a bachelor’s degree in a computer science field, along with related work experience. Employers may prefer to hire analysts who have professional certification.

  • In addition, cybersecurity certificate programs can benefit anyone seeking more specialized instruction in network security, digital forensics, risk management, or the legal and ethical challenges of cybersecurity.
  • However, it is not all about maths, but having a basic understanding will help you a lot.
  • Information security analysts plan and carry out security measures to protect an organization’s computer networks and systems.
  • Security architects are also often responsible for monitoring and maintaining security systems, analyzing what went wrong if they fail, and reporting intrusions.

The recovery plan includes preventive measures such as regularly copying and transferring data to an offsite location. It also involves plans to restore proper IT functioning after a disaster.

Distribution of Cyber Security Specialist Salaries in Saudi Arabia

They strengthen your cybersecurity team and are responsible for multiple security engineer functions, including designing, developing, and implementing secure network solutions. These solutions help defend against advanced cyberattacks, persistent threats, and hacking attempts. You can earn a median average salary of $97,031 as an analyst in Delaware, for instance.

  • The How to Become One tab describes how to prepare for a job in the occupation.
  • Once the candidate has found the right job, in the right location, their application can be submitted to the hiring manager at the appropriate agency through the website.
  • Several companies also offer average bonuses ranging from $1,000 to $6,000 per annum.

The average cyber security specialist salary in the USA is $105,000 per year or $53.85 per hour. Entry level positions start at $84,556 per year while most experienced workers make up to $156,467 per year. Consider both the number of jobs for security specialists available and the average salary for security specialists by industry. Some of the top-paying industries offer a very small number of jobs for security specialists, so the chance of finding work in that industry may be lower. The average salary for security specialists varies significantly by experience level.

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